Top-level exchanges for digital and security managers

Quote from Andrew Grove: “Only the paranoid survive.”

“Only the paranoid survive.” The dictum of the legendary Intel boss, Andrew Grove, fits perfectly to describe the current challenges faced by those responsible for digital and cybersecurity issues. Their remit is to constantly think ahead and keep potential threats at bay.

CISOs, CIOs, CDOs, CROs, CSOs, HR and marketing managers along with managers of legal departments must constantly respond to new attack types. CSOs and CISOs must provide their companies with more cyber resilience through well thought out and feasible security strategies. CIOs are responsible for ensuring resilient IT overall, top HR managers require ideas and recruitment tools for finding the right cyber security specialists and marketing bosses must ensure that their campaigns correspond to data protection.

These questions were behind the decision of Messe München to create Command Control, a European Cyber Security Summit. This Summit will examine those cybersecurity issues that affect all sectors and all departments and hierarchies within companies, offering the participants—CISOs, security officers, CIOs, CDOs, managing directors, lawyers, researchers and providers—the opportunity, jointly and interactively, to seek out specific solutions for these specific challenges.

Command Control

  • sets the impetus for cybersecurity governance approaches and standardized cybersecurity measures.

  • discusses practical approaches for achieving comprehensive cross-organizational cyber risk management frameworks.

  • promotes a new digital management responsibility and brings individual stakeholders together in a cross-sector dialog.

  • conveys through user-related scenarios a comprehensive view of the security architectures of companies, their interfaces and the stakeholders involved.

  • brings organizations and companies into a dialog on equal terms with supervisory authorities and solution providers along the entire cybersecurity value chain - from technology through training, insurance and advice.

  • conveys practical concepts for the implementation of cross-organizational training and awareness programs for the targeted and role-based training of employees, suppliers and customers.

  • conveys practical solutions models for the implementation of data strategies and future data protection tasks.

Cybersecurity is extremely dynamic. The technology on the attack and defense side is advancing rapidly. In parallel to this the political and economic framework conditions are changing. National and international politics are appearing to regulate data traffic and the internet more closely, while at the same time cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex. Therefore more and more security specialists with ever deeper knowhow are required because the apprenticeship market is producing fewer and fewer.

The resulting sharp increases in security costs can hardly still be justified as a cost of business. Cybersecurity must become a product or service feature of differentiating value. Those in positions of responsibility must adapt to these challenges. Command Control will help you with its formats, in which all stakeholders will work together to fulfill these tasks.

Photo of Andrew Grove:
By WEF, CC BY-SA 2.0