Guest articles

Cyber Security: Communication matters!

The top challenges of communicating a cyber security incident.

Guest article by Natali Brandis
Cybersecurity in smart cities

Smart cities should improve the quality of life. But do they have sufficient risk management?

Guest article by Oliver Rolofs
Investment startups

In an interview, Carsten Maschmeyer explains what is important when starting up.

Written discussion with Carsten Maschmeyer
Cyber resilience in the center of the strategy

Digital transformation, burgeoning risk landscapes and why a clear insight into business processes is required.

Security strategy cyber resilience
Desinformation campaigns and their impact

Guest author Oliver Rolofs highlighted the risks of influencing elections through fake news and cyberattacks.

European elections
Compliance is an ongoing process

Companies can only be permanently compliant if they regularly carry out various measures.

Four steps to successful compliance
The best protective wall: well-trained in-house staff

In a security-friendly corporate culture, well-trained employees become an effective protective barrier.

How to get the employees on board
Analysis of cyber-risks and weak points

Before developing a security strategy, companies should analyze their risks and weak points.

How to analyse the risks
Cybersecurity as part of risk management

The leadership should integrate cybersecurity with the rest of the risk management team.

Take care about cyber-risks
With a plan, the cloud takes care of security

Businesses can use the cloud to increase the security of their data. For this, the cooperation must be precisely regulated.

That's what companies should know
Cyber resilience: Preparation for successful attacks

Resilience precautions ensure that business operations do not have to be interrupted even during an attack.

That's how companies can be resilient
Turning employees into data guardians

Employees must be aware of cyber security in order to protect the company from cybercrime.

Awareness programs
GDPR compliance as hook for marketing purposes

How companies can use privacy for customer acquisition and retention: Data protection as a success factor.

Data protection as succes factor
Business Continuity Management

In a BCM plan, organizational measures are just as important as the technical arrangements.

How BCM should be organised
How companies can protect their networked production

Without safeguarding, the networking of production carries great risks. Nevertheless, panic is not appropriate.

Securing the Internet of Things
Cybersecurity is a question of the corporate culture

The human factor should be part of every cybersecurity concept. How can the management implement this?

Cybersecurity in corporate culture
In the future there will be more safety by automation

In the future, technical security scanners will be indispensable for quickly identifying and resolving cyber attacks.

Let the machines tackle it
Security in companies: help is on the way

Specialists can not supply all companies in Germany. An alternative is Managed Security Services.

Help is on the way
The number of cybersecurity risks is complex

Start-ups promise rescues and offer tailored solutions to each of these problems.

Cyber Security: Start-ups quick to help