Interview with Eugene Kaspersky from Kaspersky Lab

Eugene Kaspersky is co-founder and CEO of the Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. At the Command Control he takes part at the panel “Future of Digital Trust—How do you know that you can trust your security provider?” on September 20. We spoke with him in the run-up of the summit.

Why are you looking forward to the Command Control?

Kaspersky: Cybersecurity events are an opportunity to bring industry experts together, share best practices, and speak about worrying threats and trends. Events like Command Control help the industry develop and create new food for thought among its leaders.

Command Control is aimed primarily at decision-makers such as CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, CROs, etc. Why should decision-makers engage in cybersecurity?

Kaspersky: I think that the modern environment doesn’t leave them any room not to engage in cybersecurity. We’re living in a very fragile, vulnerable world, where everything is connected. To avoid cybersecurity matters is a suicidal decision for any modern business.

What are the biggest cybersecurity challenges for businesses today?

Kaspersky: The biggest challenge is the lack of overall cybersecurity awareness, and an understanding of the possible losses and damages to an unprotected business. This is something that all business leaders need to come to terms with. There’s not one single company or organization in the world that’s immune in the modern cyber age. The risks are very high—whether it’s a data breach, industry espionage, or direct theft of funds.

In your opinion, can cybersecurity also be a growth driver for companies? And if so, what do companies have to do for it?

Kaspersky: Cybersecurity is an investment both in the steady work of your business and its reputation. Like most investments, it doesn’t always bring you immediate benefits, but in the long run it will save business owners a lot of time and money. A secured business also leaves room for more strategical development—and that of course is a natural growth driver!

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