Interview with Max Imbiel from BridgingIT

Max Imbiel is consultant for information security at BridgingIT. The consultancy company belongs to the partners of the Command Control. At the summit Max Imbiel will present case studies, in which the company successfully accompanied customers on the road to GDPR compliance. We spoke with him in the run-up of the event.

The EU GDPR is a hot topic. Will the General Data Protection Regulation continue to be a topic of conversation after it came into force on May 25, 2018 or has it now been ticked off the agenda?

Imbiel: I believe that the GDPR will continue to be a major (media) issue in the future as well. There are various reasons for this. On the one hand, because it will be some time before the different authorities can implement the regulations in full. As a result, all parties involved are in an extended state of limbo. On the other hand, because hackers are also appropriating the new legislation. There are reports coming out of Bulgaria on ransom hacks in which criminal groups hack companies and then approach them with the stolen data to blackmail them by threatening to publish this data. In such cases, the affected companies potentially face penalties of up to EUR 20 million or 4 percent of their annual revenue due to lack of compliance with the GDPR.

The EU GDPR is most definitely a business topic. Why should decision-makers also concern themselves with data protection and cyber security?

Imbiel: Security must be lived in the entire company—beginning with management. It is of little help if the topic is only centered in the IT department, and other departments and the staff do not feel as though they are responsible for it. Rather, management must carry cyber security to its staff and embed it as an hugely important issue for everyone in the business.

Can cyber security be a growth lever for companies?

Imbiel: Cyber security can definitely be a growth lever if it allows companies to stand out from their competitors with secure customer data and products. In the future, consumers and companies will increasingly weigh the situation up during purchase decisions, and in cases of doubt decide against suppliers that do not have a good track record in this regard.

Why are you looking forward to Command Control?

Imbiel: I’m looking forward to Command Control because, as I explained above, it’s crucial that topics like cyber security and data privacy reach decision-makers. Command Control will give them an overview of why they need to take action now. At the same time, they will find out at the event that there really are solutions and strategies available in every field that they can use to protect their companies. I like this combination.

And what is BridgingIT presenting at Command Control?

Imbiel: We are presenting, among other things, case studies in which we have successfully accompanied customers on the road to GDPR compliance. As a result, the companies in question were very well prepared for May 25 and now fulfill the GDPR requirements to the letter with the help of automated processes. We are also presenting different cyber security solutions such as penetration tests or information security management systems at Command Control.

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