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Cyber risks put pressure on the government to act—Survey of German digital security decision makers

January 28, 2020
  • 75 percent demand politicians make stronger interventions in cybersecurity
  • 83 percent confirm that statutory framework conditions have a decisive influence on cybersecurity
  • At the same time 64 percent view government sanctions as one of the biggest threats in connection with cyber and data security

Three quarters of German cybersecurity decision-makers want political institutions to increase regulation for digital security than has been the case up to now. This a key result from the Command Control Cybersecurity Index 2020* for which 300 German decision-makers were surveyed on behalf of Command Control (March 3–4, 2020 in Munich). Consistent with this claim, 71 percent of decision-makers are of the opinion that statutory framework conditions such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) make it easier for their company to guarantee cybersecurity.

“On the issue of cybersecurity, industry is expressly in favor of government intervention in the form of laws and statutory requirements. However, there is ambivalence here amongst decision-makers. Although the regulations do provide an orientation, breaches can sometimes incur severe penalties,” comments Katharina Keupp, Project Manager of Command Control. For example, 64 of those surveyed consider government sanctions to be one of the biggest threats to their organization when it comes to cybersecurity. In companies operating in the critical Infrastructure sector, in which an impairment can also be expected to result in considerable disruption for public security or in other dramatic consequences, this applies to 71 percent of those surveyed. This concern is not without good reason: Only recently the Federal Data Protection Officer imposed a fine of EUR 9.6 million** on a mobile telephony company due to data privacy breaches.

What data protectors say

How data privacy is implemented specifically in daily operations forms the remit of Dr. Philipp Räther, Group Chief Data Protection Officer at DAX group Allianz SE: “As one of the world's largest financial services providers we process more than 80 million items of consumer data,” explains Dr. Räther. “Government supervisory authorities have made it impressively clear across the world that data privacy infringements are no trivial offense. Today one of the mandatory obligations for companies is to engage responsible staff with a remit to know and understand the current legal situation and to implement it professionally. This is not only a question of creating an internal awareness of sensible data handling, but also of providing the employees with solid training—for example in their contacts with customers. The objective must always be to create a basis of trust and this extends to transparency with customers as to their rights and the technically secure handing of data.”

Command Control—The top-end think tank

At Command Control on March 3–4, cybersecurity decision-makers such as CISOs, CIOs, managing directors, risk managers and data protection officers will also discuss how companies can best handle the current and future challenges of cybersecurity. Discussions will include Dr. Räther in a joint panel with Dr. Anna Zeiter, Chief Privacy Officer at eBay, and Paul Jordan, European Managing Director of IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) the world’s largest data privacy community, on how companies can draw up secure data privacy programs. The State Data Protection Officer of Baden-Württemberg Dr. Stefan Brink and the certified data protector Dr. Carlo Piltz will also share some tips in an interactive session on the right approach to take in relation to data privacy breaches. Other international top speakers such as the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser, the Head of Information Security at Netflix Jimmy Sanders, the CIO of Maersk the world's biggest shipping company, Adam Banks, the CEO and Co-founder of IOTA Dominik Schiener and Dr. Suzanna Randall, likely to be Germany’s first woman in space will transform ICM – Internationales Congress Center München during the summit into a top-end cybersecurity think tank.

You can find The Agenda of Command Control here:

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