Brittany Kaiser: Speaker on the subject of Cambridge Analytica

We are pleased to announce that Brittany Kaiser will open Command Control in Munich on March 3, 2020 with a keynote speech.

If you have seen ‘The Great Hack’ on Netflix you will know who she is! If you have not seen the documentary you will now find out about it! She is the whistleblower who, in 2018 helped bring to public knowledge the activities of Cambridge Analytica concerning its use of personal Facebook data in various political campaigns.

#OwnYourData – The campaign by Brittany Kaiser

Before becoming a whistleblower, Ms Kaiser worked for Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007. She then went on to volunteer for the “Ready for Hilary” campaign. Afterwards, she spent several years engaged with human right projects including Amnesty International.

Brittany Kaiser recently launched the campaign #OwnYourData which campaigns to empower individuals to protect and take back their digital rights.

Brittany Kaiser at Command Control

Welcome Brittany Kaiser with her keynote at Command Control. Based on the question “Learnings from Cambridge Analytica: How can we achieve a data secure and cyber resilient future?” visitors can expect the following focus points:

• The need for data privacy laws, technology regulations and digital education

• Insights into the daily work routine of Brittany Kaiser

• Personal experiences of Brittany Kaiser

So that you can learn more about Brittany Kaiser and her role at Cambridge Analytica, here are 10 facts that you should know about our speaker:

10 facts about Brittany Kaiser and Cambridge Analytica

1) Brittany Kaiser will give the opening address at Command Control 2020 and will be speaking in Germany for the first time. She is a pioneer for a more ethical way of data handling.

2) Brittany Kaiser is the founder of the campaign #OwnYourData which aims to achieve more data transparency. She is urging Facebook & Co to change the usage conditions accordingly and promotes opt-in and ownership and monetarisation rights for users.

3) Brittany Kaiser is a board member of over 10 ethical technology companies. She supports the promotion of transparency in the development of solutions along with consent-based data exchange, data sovereignty and cybersecurity.

4) Brittany Kaiser has campaigned with Amnesty International for human rights. She has campaigned at the United Nations and in the European Parliament for an end to crimes against humanity and was involved in human rights research projects in Asia and Africa.

5) Brittany Kaiser recently joined the board of the Center for Data Privacy. The Center for Data Privacy won the court case against Equifax and helped consumers protect their rights to their personal data and be compensated for data privacy violations.

6) Brittany Kaiser was already an advocate for progressive politics in her younger years. She worked for Obama’s presidential campaign and was part of Obama’s team that operated Facebook and reinvented communication with voters.

7) Brittany Kaiser has a post-graduate degree. She also has an LLM in international human rights law and a masters in philosophy in international law and diplomacy.

8) Brittany Kaiser published her memoirs in October 2019: “My Inside Story of Cambridge Analytica and How Trump, Brexit and Facebook Broke Democracy”. She will be signing the book at Command Control.

9) Brittany Kaiser still had access to her entire previous business calendar and every meeting it contained - after the whistleblowing! She can precisely reproduce when everything happened and can create a precise timeline of everything. Always. Forever.

10) Brittany Kaiser has classified psychography as weaponized technology because data provided for influencing and manipulating people could also be used to influence the behavior of enemy target groups.

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