Dr. SUZANNA RANDALL: Speaker on cyber resilience at Command Control

Dr. Suzanna Randall will be the first German woman to go into space

What has to be done in the event of a cyber attack in space? Does the International Space Station have an incident response plan in place in case of an incident? Dr. Suzanna Randall will provide some answers to these questions. She is an astrophysicist and in 2021, Dr. Suzanna Randall will probably be the first German woman to go into space.

We have been able to secure Dr. Suzanna Randall as a speaker at Command Control in Munich! On March 4, 2020 she will give a keynote on “Cyber Resilience and Trust in Space”.

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Dr. Suzanna Randall on cyber resilience in space

In her presentation Dr. Suzanna Randall will share her expertise on the issue of “Cyber Resilience and Trust in Space“. She will examine the following areas:

• What happens when something happens on-board the ISS?

• Would the International Space Station have an emergency plan?

• What is the situation with secure data transfer?

Details from Dr. Suzanna Randall’s CV

Are you curious? Find out more here about Suzanna Randall’s CV:

Dr. Suzanna Randall works as a researcher at the European Southern Observatory in Garching near Munich and for the ALMA telescope project in Chile. After a multi-phase selection process she is currently being trained as an astronaut for a space mission as one of two candidates as part of the private initiative “The first female German astronaut”. In her space flight in 2021 her particular area of research will be the impacts of isolation, confinement and monotony in space.

Insights about Dr. Suzanna Randall:

  • Dr. Suzanna Randall qualified from over 400 top applicants for “The first female German astronaut” project in 2021.
  • The first German in space was Sigmund Jähn in 1979 and in 2021 it may be Dr. Susanna Randall.
  • A German woman has never been sent into space. Dr. Susanna Randall is one of the two candidates for the private initiative “The first female German astronaut” in 2021.
  • The scientific remit of Dr. Susanna Randall for “The first female German astronaut in space” project is to investigate the impact of isolation, confinement and monotony in space.
  • The astrophysicist was born in Cologne but now lives in Munich. In her leisure time she enjoys climbing mountains, flying paragliders, diving and playing the piano.
  • She knows the stars from several perspectives – over her career she has already lived and worked in three continents.
  • Germany's first woman in space learned to fly over the Bavarian mountains. A pilot’s license is part of the astronaut training.
  • Since early 2018 Randall has been learning Russian, robotics and diving and is completing parabolic flights, which means she is training for weightlessness in the air.

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