Digital decision-makers from all sectors – and from across the whole of Europe

Speech at Command Control 2018

Command Control is the meeting place for all those who are involved in the digitalization of companies. The summit will improve the ability to engage in dialog on the subject of cybersecurity both internally within companies and also across sectors. Because it is high time that analogue "security thought processes” give way to digital realities and their solutions.

The old silo mentality conflicts with decisions relating to digital locations and the need to plan and act holistically on the subject of cybersecurity. While cyberattacks are on the rise, there continues to be a lack of integrated cybersecurity in many places. Too often, cybersecurity is still understood as an isolated, technically complex task. And this needs to change.

The relevant players in one location

Cybersecurity has not been purely an IT issue for a long time. It belongs on the agenda in management echelons – and demands close attention when it comes to the future viability of companies. Therefore, the summit brings together all those who want to take cyber resilience in their company to a new level – from the CEO to legal experts.

The summit's profile

Another feature of Command Control: The variety of different sectors represented by visitors is very high. And it is precisely this exchange of ideas across a wide range of industries that provides unique insights and food for thought. The summit also attracts visitors from across the whole of Europe. We are thus international and this is why we are holding the event in English.