Planning your summit presence

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As a corporate or content partner you have the opportunity to present your company to a professional audience both transparently and tangibly.

You will become one of the protagonists of our interactive cybersecurity stories and a co-designer of a Europe-wide unique event at the Tech Location #1. In Munich you will meet those very people who will drive you forward and together with our on-site matchmaking service and app we will ensure that your summit participation is a successful and results-oriented experience.

Do not hesitate: Registration deadline September 30, 2019.

Your benefits as a partner

You will showcase what you know in a unique setting
You will present your solutions and visions for cybersecurity. You will integrate your area into the multimedia installations of the Digital Factory and the Digital Enterprise. You will offer the attendees a “Resilience Experience” and enjoy more in-depth information sharing in separate discussion areas.

You will reach the right target groups and gain relevant feedback
You will meet cybersecurity experts and decision-makers from medium-sized and large companies from all industry sectors. These will include professionals in information security, governance, risk and compliance and managers of digital transformation from the CIO and CDO through to the CEO.

You will position the decisive arguments in direct exchanges with attendees
You will share your knowledge with the attendees and participate in active exchanges. You will show that you are a pioneer and contribute proactively to podium discussions, meet-ups and workshops. The summit is focused on sharing, learning and doing. We promote an environment where discussions, exchanges and advice can flourish between those present on equal terms. Together we make cybersecurity visible and come alive for the development of new, long-term business contacts.

You will make long-term, Europe-wide contacts at decision-making level
You will benefit from the networking opportunities to consolidate and expand your contact with your relevant target groups. You will take advantage of the quality environment to win the trust of potential new customers – for good business relationships with a future.

And as regards trust – the location and services speak for themselves
The summit location of Munich is one of the leading cybersecurity locations in Europe. This is where pioneers and the relevant players like to assemble and look to the future together. You can also rely on our decades of experience as an organizer of international events and you will benefit from our targeted public relations activities both on social media and in the reporting and publications of our media partners, both in Germany and internationally.

On-site we will offer you everything you need for a successful presence. As a corporate or content partner you can select from the limited number of packages available exactly how you want your summit presence to be presented and implemented. Limited numbers of best practice workshops and sponsorship packages also offer additional extras. We can design a bespoke solution for you and ensure it is implemented successfully.

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Do not hesitate: Registration deadline September 30, 2019.