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At Command Control, discover how cybersecurity can be a growth lever for your company, and how you can exploit the opportunities offered by digitization to the full!

A typical key combination provides the answer: CMD CTRL

You see, anyone who has control can use information security to their advantage. And comprehensive control is only possible if all the areas responsible work together, if awareness is raised about the risks among all employees, and if security is not simply prescribed by the IT department, but is established throughout the company.

Command Control visualizes cross-sector integrated cybersecurity and is the interdisciplinary dialog platform for decision-makers from the world of business, politics and administration as well as for experts in Europe. Exciting keynote speeches and panel discussions by international thought leaders, exclusive networking events, cross-sector best-practice workshops and two interactive installations provide the basis for a cross-industry and cross-divisional sectoral exchange and make connections tangible.

Command Control is taking cybersecurity to the next level

With a holistic approach to cybersecurity along networked industries, service providers and their value-added chains, Command Control builds the cross-sector bridge to future topics and new growth markets in the age of digitization. A unique event format demonstrates cybersecurity from a whole new perspective. Every attendee is an active participant, with the focus on interaction and exchange. After all, even in the business world, information security only works when departments network and communicate openly with one another.